Thursday, April 30, 2009

My flower bed in an old foundation

This was a mess, there was an old greenhouse/shed there and it was full of junk and broken glass. I couldn't get that damn foundation out, so, I planted in it. There's no soil in the front, it was built on gravel, so I added some compost and a chopped up stump and a ton of Marigold seeds I'd saved from last year. I figure Marigolds will grow in anything. Those Petunia's are silly, but, they mark it so Alissa won't walk in it..hopefully. She loves playing in the birdbath.
In the back there's lots of nice dirt. Those aren't weeds, they're Daisy's I transplanted last fall. And a bunch of Zinna seeds. Free of course. And some Hollyhocks I found. Hmm, I'll find more stuff later. Anyway, this is the start of a flower and herb garden. I need to mow again. Sigh.

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crystal said...

it will be a lovely garden I am sure DD. I can just see it now with the fountain in the middle of such colour