Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Hydrangea

Look at this Hydrangea my mother got me, isn't that gorgeous? She has a reason for being nice to me this week. More on that later, but, I just wanted to show you the plant. I know you have to do something to the soil to keep it blue. I have to look that up.
Okay, you have to add aluminum sulfate to keep it blue. For pink you use acid, like the stuff to feed pine trees. But, if I can't find any AS, it will be okay. Pink, white, green, whatever, they are just beautiful.


Taffy said...

Man, thank god i found this site DD. I planted these same flowers in my front garden bed three years ago. Had no clue what they were or cared, just thought they were purtty. Told Jose to plant in front, pink, then blue, then pink and so on. The next spring, they bloom green no change to pink or blue. Jose tells me its the lack of sunlight........well me and Jose are going to have a little chat.......thanks dd

Taffy said...

Hey, do you have to go to the nursery to buy aluminum sulfate and acid or can I get it at Target? I think I will also pick up a book on gardening for my gardener. duh, no wonder my yard looks like shit. LOLOLOL

crystal said...

ok I figured out how to post in here - not so dumb after all lol. That is a beautiful colour of blue - I didn't know they came in blue - I thought just purple, pink and white.

When my purple ones bloom, I will send a pic.

Great job, great site.

dirtydisher said...

Well, I knew you had to do diff things to the soil to make them colors. You can buy the acid or aluminum at ay garden center..we don't have a garden center here in the sticks, so I have to look at the hardware store. But, really, I don't care what color they become. The tag says "full sun" but, I drove around town and many are growing in part shade and they're huge. I think they look pretty easy to grow and easy is good.

dirtydisher said...

I think the green flowers are awesome, myself.

Coyote said...

Oh, you're bringing back long forgotten memories for me. Miracle Grow used to make a product called Miracid--or something close to that. It was expensive at the time, but it made our small red tip Photinia's grow like crazy--they were acid loving.

I think my infamous mum garden grew so beautiful because I used Miracle Grow. I didn't buy most of those mums, thinking back, my Dad gave us shoots from his.

Here I was starting to think that I had never gardened!