Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gold Rush, home again

That's Gold Rush Squash. It's basically a yellow Zucchini. I've never grown it before, but, if I had known how pretty it is, I would have. Squash are all pretty, but, Gold Rush has variegated leaves splotched with silver that glow in the day or night. They're huge too. I came home early because it's gone hot again. If the air conditioner doesn't get turned on early in that cavernous old building, it's just too hot for me. It wasn't busy anyway. And I knew it wouldn't be. Sometimes I have boring days at work. You wouldn't think that, I mean, if you're a so called psychic Tarot reader you'd think it's all exciting. But, it's not. Some days it's as mundane as file work. Another thing people think is that I get a ton of crazies and that's not true. I have a few, but, most people are really nice, sane, intelligent and normal. People enjoy hearing things about themselves, that's what they have in common. Many of them listen to other people all day in their chosen field and they don't mind paying to sit and talk about ...them. They also know I keep their secrets, that's really important if you decide to read some one's Tarot. Then I come here, which is where I talk. It works out. I've been thinking about designing a Tarot deck based on my garden. There are many many Tarots, the Aquarian is the one I use at work, but, I have lots of others. The Aleister Crowley deck is creepy, I keep it locked up. But, anyway, a garden Tarot might be really cool. I'd have to think a lot because the Tarot incorporates so many ideas. I find astrological stuff, elementals, numerology and many other things in the cards. Maybe I couldn't do it..make my own deck..I don't know. It's much more than pretty pictures, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

hi, read back on a post you said you were having probs with the cookie monster........try trend micro internet security pro v.2.....really wworks. at my house we call it the internet shoots first and asks questions later.

love your garden, yummy

Anonymous said...

by internet nazi, i meant like soup nazi on steinfeld. we are jewish, inside joke. didn't mean to offend.


Naseem said...

I learn something new about you everyday. I think you should make your own Tarot card deck. That would be awesome.

Pat said...

I loved the soup nazi..that fucker told those dweebs off. NO soup! I think we should all be like him with stupid people. The stupid shouldn't own the soup of life.

I dunno, Naseem, it might be too big an undertaking for me.

Anonymous said...

I love yellow squash. Dipped in some flour or corn meal, salt & pepper & fry it up with some zuchinni! Thats the best. And some fried green tomatoes! I love summer food! I once grew some acorn squash. Delicious. They were abundant and beautiful. I loved sharing my harvest. I would love to do that again. But the work is murder. Worth it tho.

Anonymous said...

Pat, if you have pumpkins planted and some have started to bloom. Take a couple of the baby's and when they are tiny, put them in a 1/2 gallon cardboard milk carton. Leave them to grow in it. They will be rectangluar when they are grown! Lissa would love some funny square pumpkins! Or any other container they could grow in that would breathe & retain it's shape outdoors. I heard this works and saw pics. I have never tried it. I always wanted to. Looks like fun.

Nadine said...

If you decide to work on that idea of a plant Tarot then there is no doubt in my mind that you CAN do it.... (you are not the type of person to doubt anything my friend, so just think about it... study the different ideas that are forming in your head and go for it... it could be this summer/winter/spring etc...but I have total faith in you that it CAN happen and WILL happen)

Anonymous said...

Nadine, you said "summer, winter, spring"...but did you think maybe it could be a garden themed tarot card set that also includes all the seasons? Gardens have seasons, all 4. A light bulb just went off when I read your comment. There are fairy gardens, beautiful poisonois plants like nightshade that has a fairy protecting it as well. Fairy's and Tarot are not the in same catagory. But I do believe in other beings taking care of & protecting our gardens. Garden & flower fairies are real!!! From the looks of things, Pat's garden is well protected! The illustrations alone would be wonderful to see.

Anonymous said...

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