Thursday, July 2, 2009

This blog is so done

I am moving back to the Dirty Disher blog. This garden blog has been randomly chosen by blogger as some asshole experiment in which the blog owner is given a random cookie about 8 inches long. It shuts off the site for me and I can't view it. It knocks off my whole screen. I've been fighting it for a long time and going throught the Disher site to post. Blogger doesn't give a shit and doesn't care that me and other people are being fucked with. I 'm glad I didn't delete the old site. If I didn't have a place to bitch I would die. Damn, though, I am so sorry to do this to you guys, I know it's a real pain in your ass, but, I can't see you or respond to you, so it's my only choice. I guess I'll always be the Dirty Disher. Click HERE.
Oh, and don't respond to anymore posts on here, it's just to hard for me to see them. Again..I am so sorry. Man, this is frustrating, but, I can't fix blogger. Only they can and they don't care. P.S. If I don't accept their evil cookie, I can't log in at all.

Birth control and stupid people

That idoit Heidi Montag is talking again, that's one bitch you can't even accuse of being young-dumb because she won't get any smarter than she is right now and right now she's so dumb she should kill herself. Let me paste in a sample..
Heidi Dumbfuck quote: "I was just saying about birth control, because I got very scared about it the other day and I felt like God was telling me that this was something just created by the government that is really bad for my body and I was just getting sick, and I researched it, and one of the founding people who invented birth control said it was the worst thing they had ever done, they wished they'd never created it, how it morally corrupted society, it's just sickening to him. How it devalues women, how it causes depression, how it can cause cancer, how it sterilizes your body, and what it does to your body, how most women are suicidal sometimes on it, and in fact, in order to even stabilize the population right now, each woman would have to have three children, that the population is decreasing so much that population control is just a myth.
Forget the goofy conspiracy theory, does anyone else on here remember when there was no birth control?? I do. I grew up in that weird time in history when the evolution off all things pertaining to women were taboo. That's right, half the population didn't count. Oh, they had the vote, but, no one I knew used it. They raised the kids, but, none of them knew how. Every product aimed at women was supposed to make you more beautiful to men. And female problems of a biological nature were certainly not attractive to men and therefore not talked about in the mainstream.
Can I imagine a Kotex or god forbid a tampax, commercial in 1960? Are you fucking kidding? No. The men who controlled the media would have literally shit their pants if vaginal blood was hinted at on their televisions. They'd just become liberated enough to stick those ads in the backs of women's magazines with a picture of a smiling freckled blond on the beach who had a secret. She could swim every day of the month! Wowzah. All things female were hidden.
It got a little better in the 70's, which is when I came of age (18) but, things weren't open yet, they were progressing, but, not openly discussed. By "things" I mean women's issues. Gloria Steinem and others led a women's movement. A bunch of us in Iowa got drunk and burned our bras outside the Legion hall. The men eventually forgave us. All that stuff really meant to me was that birth control became available. Up until then it was hit or miss, pure luck. Sure, men had condoms. We called them rubber and talk about things like rubbers made the older women sweat and run to church dragging sinner teenagers with them. Rubbers were something truckers had. They had secret rubber machines in the bathrooms of truck stops. There sure as hell weren't any rubber machines where I lived. So unless you slept with a trucker, you were pretty much screwed. No pun intended. Just about every girl I knew either got married at 16 to avoid giving birth out of wedlock, or like me, they had a kid to raise on their own. That's just the way it was. We didn't think we were a sorry lot. And we didn't spend much time crying over lost childhoods.
When the birth control pill finally became available, it was the finest day in hick town history. That would have been in the early 70's. But, you know what? WE still couldn't get it. Nope. By we, I mean unmarried girls like me who already had a child to support alone. Oh, no, the sanctimonious elders of the town and churches wouldn't allow it. It was promoting sin. We devised plans where our married girl friends would get the pills for us. Or we went out of town and made up elaborate stories and fake married names. It was fucking horrible and awesome at the same time. To have that little round disc of pills in your hand was such a relief. Imagine planning your own future! Something women take for granted today. You can not imagine how liberated that felt. We were people! We mattered and we had choices! OMFG!
Now idiots like Heidi who never lived through that time have to talk out their ass. We knew the health risks, they were right on the package. Doesn't that dumb bitch realize women would rather face blood clots, cancer, sterilization and everything else than have no choices?? Doesn't she realize how many women died, bleeding to death from shoving coat hangers up inside themselves JUST because they wanted a choice? I think living in poverty and abuse with no money and a pack of kids to support is a wee bit more "demoralizing" and "depressing" than birth control. Suicide was the only way out. You women out there who are too young to remember this time, well, I hope you read about it and keep making a difference. Don't ever let that time happen again. Make women important, fight for what you deserve. And if you see Heidi Montag..kick her in the face. The world is definitely over populated with her in it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gold Rush, home again

That's Gold Rush Squash. It's basically a yellow Zucchini. I've never grown it before, but, if I had known how pretty it is, I would have. Squash are all pretty, but, Gold Rush has variegated leaves splotched with silver that glow in the day or night. They're huge too. I came home early because it's gone hot again. If the air conditioner doesn't get turned on early in that cavernous old building, it's just too hot for me. It wasn't busy anyway. And I knew it wouldn't be. Sometimes I have boring days at work. You wouldn't think that, I mean, if you're a so called psychic Tarot reader you'd think it's all exciting. But, it's not. Some days it's as mundane as file work. Another thing people think is that I get a ton of crazies and that's not true. I have a few, but, most people are really nice, sane, intelligent and normal. People enjoy hearing things about themselves, that's what they have in common. Many of them listen to other people all day in their chosen field and they don't mind paying to sit and talk about ...them. They also know I keep their secrets, that's really important if you decide to read some one's Tarot. Then I come here, which is where I talk. It works out. I've been thinking about designing a Tarot deck based on my garden. There are many many Tarots, the Aquarian is the one I use at work, but, I have lots of others. The Aleister Crowley deck is creepy, I keep it locked up. But, anyway, a garden Tarot might be really cool. I'd have to think a lot because the Tarot incorporates so many ideas. I find astrological stuff, elementals, numerology and many other things in the cards. Maybe I couldn't do it..make my own deck..I don't know. It's much more than pretty pictures, that's for sure.

Double bullshit, side of cankles, hold the plagiarisms

KuntFace's crook book is on hold. The publisher, Zondervan has finally realized this crook book is a potential shit storm of legal problem and bad timing. "Love is in the Mix: Making Meals into Memories" has been shit canned. Kate's is busy stealing..err, inventing new recipes. Love is in the mix, what a fucked up title, since we've all seen that her kids are served nothing but scraps on paper plates and she not even nice about it. Meals in the Gosselin house may not be given at all if you aren't compliant with Kate and her camera crew. That bitch has never cooked anything in her worthless life. Why would anyone waste money on her crook book when you can read it off a cereal package or an old Redbook from the 70's? Oh, the same reason her retarded sheeple buy her book about raising children when they know she hates kids and is never home. The only memories her kids are going to have are the kind that send you into intensive therapy. Or prison. Get busy, Kate, you need to write another book on things you don't do.

How about we write her some recipes here. Go ahead, give it a try.

Nice evening....sort of

It's nice at night...I can't bitch about the flowers, that's for sure. That old ugly shed foundation is no longer an eyesore and looks like it was always a flower bed. I can't claim the night as my own right now, because of the weather and the Fourth Of July coming up, everyone and their multitudes of dogs are out there. They're drinking and fighting and having barbeque's, and kid parties with trampolines and firecrackers. There's a constant party in the streets. I might as well suck it up and let them have their fun. I hate to say it, but, I wish it would storm. Then they'd let me have some peace. Ah well, it will be over soon and they will return to their TV sets and let me have the night back.

Signs of the day

When I got up, the Sunflowers were greeting me. They are just starting to open, and I love how they rise out of themselves. They did this overnight and I found it amazing for some dumb reason. That one is a volunteer that fell out of the bird feeder. How does a Sunflower bloom under a pine tree? The wind must be it's friend, blowing the tree limbs out of it's way long enough for it to do it's Sunflower thing. The Zucchini in a pot had a beautiful giant flower on it. So pretty. A nice thing to greet me at the door. Squash flowers only last a day, but, there are new ones every day. They are just as beautiful and bigger than any landscaped plant.
I tried to do my "righting the energy" thing, but, fuck me. Mom came out with her dog on a leash and let the dog pee right under the chair I was sitting in. We have a lot of yard and I just mowed it. Why she does this is beyond me. She also lets her dog poop in my flowers and laughs when I bitch because the dog only weighs 3 pounds. Poop is poop to me and I'm the only one who cleans it up. I may be weird, but, there is no way I can have a cup of coffee out there knowing there's a dog turd anywhere on the place. I don't care if it is a 1 inch turd, it's still a turd. If there was no other place convenient, I wouldn't bitch so much, but, we have tons of space. Get your dog out of my face in the mornings.
I ignored her and went inside until she left. Then I went back out and some city moron is blowing the Tornado siren. The dogs all went crazy, all 150 of them. I guess he thinks with his dick and believes he's real important because he works for the city and gets to push the siren buttons and do tests on them. I wish he knew how ignorant and worthless I think he is. When there's a real Tornado, those guys piss themselves and no one runs for the siren.
Still...I'm not pissed off, so it will be a fair day. The weather is still nice. I won't be sweating to death at work. If it's a good day, I'm going to stop at the nursery after work and blow some bucks. Now is the time to plant Perennials for next year. Maybe I can find something different and exotic. Then again, maybe I should stick to what I know and avoid disappointment. Naa, that's no fun.