Friday, June 12, 2009

Curbside flower bed

This is a flower bed I haven't shown you yet. I was going to wait until it bloomed, but, it's kind of pretty now. It's mostly Perennials I found around mom's place planted in so wrong spots. They were under porches, under tress and overgrown shrubs..just scattered, struggling to survive in the weeds and not winning the fight. I dug them all up and put them in several new beds and this is one by the mailbox. It's pretty good sized, about 20' long. I found Coreopsis, Cone Flowers, Pampas Grass, variety's of Lilies, Perennial Geraniums, Blanket Flower, Iris's, and all kinds of other things.
In the front I put some short Annual seeds. I didn't know you could grow Rose Moss by tossing seeds, but, Mom had this ancient pack of Rose Moss seeds in her junk and I mixed them with Marigolds and tossed them. Some of them came up and they're really doing well there. I have pink and red ones. It's a nice spot to look at when you go get the mail.

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