Sunday, June 14, 2009

Merry Marigolds

Every time something blooms I think it might be my favorite, but, the truth is..the simple Marigold has always been my favorite. Serious gardeners will smirk at you if you brag on Marigolds. Pfffft, anyone can grow those. Ummm, yeah, that's the point! Anyone, anywhere..the happy things just give their all, all Summer and into the Fall. They even look great with Pumpkins. My patch of Marigolds I grew from seeds is starting to bloom. They have masses of buds and a few flowers. Soon they'll be a joyous sea of color! And I'll keep posting it because in December I will really be glad I did. When you start saving your own seed, you get all kinds of varieties as they pollinate each other. How can anyone resist growing Marigolds??


Naseem said...

You certainly have a green thumb! I on the other hand have a black thumb or a brown thumb because none of the flowers stay alive long enough for me to enjoy them. Maybe it's the constant rain or heat or maybe I am doing something wrong.

I'll admire your flowers it's so much easier that way. :)

gardenhoe said...

Awww, you don't have a black thumb, I've seen your veggies. Try some Marigolds, they never fail ya.

Nadine said...

Pat, wanna bet that I can "kill" the poor marigolds before they go into full bloom..... damn I can't keep plants alive.... (maybe I should blame the heat/salt air/wind etc....)

Nina said...

Beautiful garden Pat!!! I love they layout. You really are a master at this stuff.

crystal said...

No not everyone can grow marigolds -- trust me lol. They look so very pretty in your garden Pat, and they are pretty hardy - I must have planted mine in the wrong area or something because 1/2mine didn't survive.

Your whole garden is looking amazing

Coyote said...

DD, as I've said before I have NO gardening talent at this point. I do, however, have a memory of my little girl bringing home a pumpkin seedling in a paper cup that she had planted in nursery school from a single seed.

I told her we'd plant it in a special spot where I was pretty sure it would grow.

We planted it and watched it grow like Kudsu. We measured it every day and if I remember, correctly because it grew so fast.

Anyway, we went away on vacation and when we came home we couldn't believe our eyes, one pumpkin plant had taken over and I think it was white flies that it attracted, and we lost foundation plants. I had it in the mum garden (my one and only garden). Oh, and I remembered the other day--I once had a Peace Rose at our first home--yellow with a bit of pink on the edges.

I'm sure you already know, but watch out for white flies or whatever they call them. I bet Lissa would love to measure the growth of her pumpkins each day.

Mona K said...

Wow. I've been reading your blog here for a while now, and I'm amazed at how HUGE your garden is! I'm lucky that I haven't killed my two pots of ivy hanging down my bookcase. I love this blog.