Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My opinion

Many people are debating who really wanted the divorce, him or her. But, but, but, she filed!!! Let me tell y'all somethin'. Their opinion is being formed because most of them have normal regular family and they themselves are normal regular people. Kate filed, that must mean Kate wanted a divorce? Please. I live around and was raised by the most dysfunctional sonsabitches put on this shit hole of a planet. That kind of makes me an expert on white trash nitwits. Here's what I'll betcha...Kate made everyone's life miserable because she's a narcissist and a control freak who has the brain power of a popcorn fart. She pushed Jon, abused him, controlled everything he did, humiliated him in public on a regular basis, and probably cheated first. Jon not only took it, he felt trapped, but, then he eventually set her ass up. He deliberately showed us how bad she really is. Kate didn't want a divorce, not because she loves Jon, Kate only loves Kate, but, because she wanted the money train to continue. She wanted the farce to go on forever. But...Jon won't play. He's done. Fuck you, Kate. She had no choice but to file and try and grab assets...and spin a story about how it's all Jons fault and she's doin' it alone now. You just wait, someday Jon will sell his story. It will be one good tell all too. I'll buy it.

I like that cover. She looks like fried greasy white trash shit. Which is exactly what she is. Shut up about your kids, bitch! I don't need to hear how Mady wasn't surpised and Cara broke down and cried like a baby. Shut the fuck up. I hope Jon gets mean. But, however it goes down...Jon aint playin' no more, Kate. You don't write the script to his life.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm I guess that pretty much sums it up. Couldn't have said it better myself.

gardenhoe said...

I'm tellin' you, when it comes to white trash sonsabitches, I'm an expert.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he had her in a corner? If she didn't file he was gonna. And maybe he was gonna say "adultery"? Maybe he wanted to give her an 'out" so she wouldn't look like a bad guy. He'd take the hit just to get the hell out? Maybe? Maybe it was his one last act of kindness to her. He wanted out, one way or another. She chose the easier way, it made it be about her pain. She is probably not upset at all. They haven't slept in the same bed for probably at least 2 years anyway. Neither is caring at this point.

Bayou Jane said...

Soooo many questions and thoughts running through my brain.
1. If she filed and he doesn't have any means of support, does that mean she has to pay alimony (she is an author----gag).
2. If each will be with the kids half as much, how dos that change their part of the show income or does it all go to the kids?
3. Who pays the taxes on that big ass house?
4. They will each need a place to live when they are not with the kids, so now there will be three households all together. (Maybe each one can live in a crooked house).
5. If 40 episodes were scheduled for this season and only 6 were shot, will something worthwhile take their or will they run reruns of Jon and Kate-The Good Years?

And the tryth of the matter--I really don't give a shit!!!!

Bayou Jane (again) said...

If, as Anon said, "he had her in the corner", why didn't he save us all a headache and just beat the shit out of her!

Sorry! These people really aggravate me!

I'll stop ranting now.

shmedelle said...

Totally agree. She didn't want the D, because she'd have to split everything, and the scamming at her book signings would come to a grinding hault.
You are so right!

Pat said...

He wasn't doing her any kindness, he's flat had enough. She couldn't even get him to fake it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Alas, we see the demise of the proverbial goose that laid the golden egg.
I wonder if Kate given Jon his balls back.)

meissa2112 said...

I wonder if Jon finally listened to Tom Leykis' 101 archives to finally DTB (dump that bitch) LOL!!!! (Hey, I love Tom!)

I admit I haven't watched but small clips of the show...even that was too much and had to turn it off. But I have been lurking everywhere (Hi Moon! Hi Babymama! *waves*) to know both sides of the story.

And in the end, NO WOMAN wants a ball-less man. I don't care how much some enjoy castrating their SO, deep down inside they want a man to OWN his pair. Being a SAHD doesn't mean you have to automatically hand your balls in a silver platter. I truly feel sorry for the children, they were brought into this world with the sole purpose to satisfy their mother's ego, as some others also do, to get impregnated for the sake of it. Hello Kate!!! Maybe you had problems conceiving for the same reason that you and Jon would be lousy parents!! That's the main reason I have no respect for people like the Gosselins and Suleman. Actually I have no respect for any of these families who choose to have their lives broadcast for everyone to see, I don't care how good of a parents they seem to be.

I've witnessed the almost castration of a good friend of mine, who was also a SAHD, by a wife who acted just like Kate, throwing him under the bus every chance she gets even now they have filed for divorce. She is making sure everyone feels pity for her, and trashing him in front of anyone and their three adorable girls, going as far as posting on her public profile that he wasn't paying the court appointed child support WHEN THEY HADN'T EVEN FILED FOR DIVORCE!!!!WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

Sorry for the rant. I just got in the mail my H-hole (honest hole as opposed to a-hole) army tags from my favorite talk radio show here in WA (YAY)...I am all for men reclaiming their manhood. I'm tired of living in a pussywhipped society where political correctness is preferred over honesty.

Nina said...

Some are rooting for team Jon, other's for team Kate and still others are all for the kids. Me, I'm rooting for team Hailey. I saw a pic of her recently where she was stoned and holding what was probably a fake gun, more and more I'm hoping the piece was real and she knows how to lock,load and fire it.
Maybe we'll all get lucky and she'll get wired on crack eventually and go over to the G's and pop J&K, Nield, Deanna and maybe even take a swing past Kevin and Jodi's cave.

The kids would only benefit from being freed from the media whores that surround them. There has to be at leat one or two relatives with a fuctioning brain cell that could scoop the kids up and provide them with a decent life, in private.

Some might cry out and say how horrible, to even think such a thing, but with the way events are panning out this wouldn't cause the kids anymore grief then everyone running around broadcasting the pain and torture they are facing with this trainwreck.


"I live around and was raised by the most dysfunctional sonsabitches put on this shit hole of a planet."



Pat said...

Meissa, never apologize for a rant. I love it. I read every word you guys type.

Nina, I saw that photo. I was dumbfounded..and I come from a rough place. I hear you.


If I had a therapist she would probably say my addiction to reality tv was because I spent 12
F-ing years in the entertainment industry...and watching reality tv and posting on blogs is revenge for the days when I had to keep a straight face while interviewing coked-up, closetedly gay, child molester (name star here) posing as an uber-stud while fondling for the camera's eye only his jacked-up, closeted beard (name starlet here).

What does this have to do with Kate Gosselin?!

In all my years of working with Stahs and Stahlets and Tool-Reality-Zoids, Kate annoys me the most. I'm convinced that under Kate's ding-bat, bitching, I-got-lost-in-a-KMart-in-the-late-70s-and-have-yet-to-come-out, exterior lies A Heart of Darkness.

I've only watched 6 or 7 episodes of J&K and I'm convinced the lady is mental and should not be raising those kids.

HATE HER. Hate Jon for allowing his kids to be exploited.

Sorry for the rant.

Pat said...

Juicy. You have to give names! LOL! You know I get crazy reading blind items. Yeah, I agree with you. Real darkness there. Scary.

Anonymous said...

is it will smith!?


Will Smith and the Clams have been known to share some heavy lip kissing, juss saying.

Nicole = Beard.

Don't know about Katie, Tammy's child bride. People change and maybe he decided not to be a gay anymore, LOL.

Anonymous said...

This not-so-blind item may answer some questions... (it's def worth reading!)

"Her look has changed considerably over the past few years, including her hair and more than one plastic surgery. However, she had her husband convinced that if he changed his appearance, he wouldn’t project the wholesome family image the producers wanted. A key turning point in their relationship was the day he got the piercings. Once that happened, she knew she couldn’t control him anymore. Oh, you thought we were talking about ears? Think lower. Ouch.

Although she has no discernable talent, this woman is absolutely convinced that she is a star whose popularity extends far beyond her current venture. She could not stir up any interest in a line of hair products named for her, but she is now in talks for a book and a talk show. The book will definitely happen. The talk show, however, is a tough sell. Her Performer Q shows high popularity but low likeability. Would other moms really want to take advice on child-rearing from her?

Boy is he angry that she beat him to the punch in filing for divorce! The divorce was his idea more than a year ago. He wanted out, but she convinced him to keep pretending so the cameras would keep rolling on and the money would keep rolling in. She compromised by allowing him lots of room for an outside social life and allowing him to buy some toys. So all this shock for the cameras about his being caught with another woman and about the separation? Totally fake. She is just shocked that she didn’t have it all under control. When she realized that she didn’t, she made a preemptive strike with the divorce filing.

Who would hurt an innocent child? It’s not the first time she has snapped and physically disciplined one of her kids. And it’s not the first time that she’s done it in front of the camera. However, the producers have given her lots of leeway in the past and buried the other footage because they wanted to promote her as a good mother. A shift in public perception has allowed them to show snippets of her real behavior. Try as she might to portray herself as saint and victim for the camera, she simply can’t control her temper.

When you cheat on your spouse - even with their knowledge - you really need to use protection. Because you know what happens when you don’t? Someone winds up with a disease… or pregnant. Silly goose! Haven’t you learned your lesson?"