Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weeding the Melons

The Watermelons have finally taken off, they seem to be slow starters, but, when they get going, look out. I was weeding when it struck me that some of the weeds are beautiful healthy greens, as pretty as the greens I grow on purpose. Some kind of Dandelion there that looks as good or better than my Spinach. It would be delicious too, I'm sure. But, I'm already wasting enough greens here, so I'll pass. I felt kind of bad killing it off. I hate thinning plants too. It makes me feel bad. Today I found a spider in the bathroom sink as big as a saucer. I caught him and took him out to the garden. I have a real hard time killing anything lately. Being out in the garden is a good spot to think about things like that.
It ruins your fingernails though. I've given up fingernails until Winter.


Nina said...

Dandillion greens are ymmy in a salad or even cooked!!

I'm really hesitant to kill spiders and the like too. Most are really beautiful if you look at them and their webs are amazing. I'm a crazy artist and shit like that strikes me.

I draw the line on yellow jackets. Hostile, aggressive, sting-happy little monsters. I bomb them with the yard fogger all the time. Hate em.

gardenhoe said...

Nina, cool! I'd love to see your art. I hate wasps, I'm allergic and they're fucking mean bastards.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, guys, have to disagree with ya on the spidey thing. I have absolutely NO reservations about offing something with THAT many more legs than me (yes, I did indeed see "Arachnophobia", and it haunts me to this day...egad)!! Especially if an eight-legged freak is as big as a saucer!! I'm not fond of yellow jackets, but they don't freak me out like spiders. Totally agree on wasps, though--mean bastards, indeed!!


Coyote said...

Hmmm...I put a daddy long leg outside, just today! That's the only creepy crawly that I'll pick up. The others I try to coach onto something and get them out.

There are few that send me shrieking or throwing things at them, though.

Pat said...

I don't mind spiders, I do hate them crawling on me at night though. We have some whoppers. Iowa is the spider capitol of the world, I think. I won't even buy a sheet with a print on it. I have to look for them every night.

Pat said...

And I HATE daddy long legs..ewwwww.Those creepy things!