Monday, June 29, 2009

Know what that is?

A stray radish that grew up, unnoticed, through the Tomatos. Until it bloomed it was invisible. It was about 4 feet tall. I pulled it up to see if it had made a radish. It had not. Just an odd telltale beet red root. It was making seed though. Now it's in the compost pile. Curious thing.


Anonymous said...

See now that's what happened to all of the radishes I planted.

Pat said...

Seeders, now weeders...heh.

Maggie Cupcakes said...

I live in a college town where my neighbor's gardens are manicured to within inches of their natural lives. I've come under some scornful scrutiny for having left large portions of my (almost entirely shaded) plot to the garden devas to do with what they will, but as long as I keep the bigger, more invasive weeds under control, I am constantly rewarded with sprouting mystery guests I would otherwise never even have known about. This spring, I was thrilled by a mass eruption of purple dame's rocket, which in turn attracted a flock of migrating yellow finches to continually try to perch on the stalks that barely supported them. Squirrels (I suspect) have planted crocuses for me, virginia bluebells have materialized in a murky corner of the yard, masses of volunteer poppies come up every year despite the lack of a sunny spot (which causes them to purposefully migrate all over the place from one year to the next)... so when I see the photos of your lovely garden I envy you the perpetual sunshine, but revel in the beauty you've created. {big, goofy, sincere smile}