Saturday, June 20, 2009

Orbs moving in trees

This is one of the most interesting orb vids ever shot. No one can tell me that's "dust." I've seen these things, I've watched them. You can believe what you want.


Anonymous said...

I had two of those things come straight at me when I was driving home one night. I thought I was gonna be crashed into. My daughter & I just gasped and then it was gone. They went up & over the top of my van. It scared both of us. Very strange. It was also kinda cool! This vid is very cool. I love it. Even if it's fake, it's still cool to see. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Damned Aliens! Flying under the influence is not cool.

Then again; it could be Angelina Jolie's astro-projecting-baby seeker looking for the next book-end adoptee and headline maker.

Anonymous said...

No, those lights on that video are certainly not dust.

Dust is often photographed and then call orbs. In fact most photos of so-called orbs are indeed dust motes especially those shot indoors.

I don't know what those lights in that video are, but no they are not dust.

Pat said...

I believe that film is real. I'll see is I can find more on the guys story. He's very credible.