Monday, June 22, 2009

Pullin' a Ricky

I was watching The Trailer Park Boys again the other night and I've seen all the episodes now, so I watch the background and scenery. It's a show that makes me think. I don't wonder why I relate to them so much, I grew up hard too. I do have to wonder if the TP boys are just plain stupid or if they're environmentally retarded? It's a toss up as to which one is stupidest, but, most people agree, it's Ricky. I could debate that, as Julian has no sense of humor and his good looks and brooding mask a brain that doesn't seem to work at all. At least Ricky has a sense of humor.
We've all known a Ricky. I know lots of Rickys. They're abundant around here and they all have skills. Ricky is very mechanically inclined. He can go to the dump and find a car part and file it and grind it until it fits some piece of shit and makes it run. He's rarely without wheels even if he doesn't have enough money to buy a package of hot dogs. Ricky is also an expert in hydroponics. The rest of the TP boys need Ricky, they can't figure out how to grow weed. Yet......Ricky is retarded. He can't speak correctly and everyone pisses him off. He reacts violently and the result is usually jail time.
I have to think about things around here. I'm pretty pissed off at stupid people and I don't need the drama. I live in a trailer park kind of world. Sometimes all you see is red, because none of the stupid will listen to you. And they fuck up. Big time. I have to be careful not to "pull a Ricky." I am quite capable of it. I don't have a short fuse. It doesn't happen often. But, like, once every couple of years I get totally fed up. Ricky has his favorite insults, like, "Knock knock?" (Who's there?) "Some fucking dick weed who's too busy sucking down bottles of rot gut and pissing themself to not know I'm going to knock the fuck out of them! Shut the fuck up you fuckin' idiot!!" I totally get it. Maybe Ricky isn't stupid. Maybe his environment has caused him to lose all reason. We'd all like to think we're smarter than that, but, when stupid people continuously fuck with you, well, the only language they seem fluent in is Ricky's.
Like I said..I need to think things out before they get out of hand. On the flip side, jail time can be a vacation of sort. Like Ricky says "Three squares a day and some time for self learnin'."


Anonymous said...

yep, i relate to the TPB too...some of us live in a trailer park world without the trailers!

love the TPB's!

Heidi said...

I have had enough recently. Long time friend. I need a breaky break from her and her drama. We are not in high school anymore, you know?
I do not think I will go Ricky on her. Maybe that is why I told her what I thought (in a nice way) so my blood does not boil anymore.

gardenhoe said...

MIss Tia, I knew you could relate. I've watched some of your vids.

Heidi, what's your friend do??

Nadine said...

Can't say I can relate to Ricky... but that isn't why I'm posting on here at this moment.... Once again I'm impressed with Pat's writing ability.... (they say there is a book inside all of us... well I think there are LOTS of books inside of Pat) Damn it woman.... park you butt in front of your comp 3-4 hours a day and put that skill to work. I'm sure I'm not the only one who sees how talented you are.... so come on girls, help me kick her butt to see if she shares her "gift" with the publishing world!!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny how I was thinking the same thing. Jail time would be like a vacation from this life.


hey macarena!!!!!

don't know why but that macarena song is going through my head. i don't know any words though, just hey macarena!!!!

i'm in a crazy mood today. i feel like starting some shit.
prolly should cut back on
the shit stirring.

i'm flip flopping between
taking a little nap or
starting a lot of trouble over at BM's or some other ass kissing gosselin site.

did you see the trailer park boys epi with the gun fight at the trailer park? laughed my ass off at julian who didn't put his glass of booze down. that show is awesome.

pat don't evah let the fuckers win.

Anonymous said...

i like when their camper crashes and julian gets out and his drink hasn't spilled!!!


that julian/glass shit is freakin funny!

i watch the show just to see what he and the "glass" are gonna do.

love it.

Pat said...

Julian never spills his drink. It's an art. I love the ice tinkling sound at the end of every episode.

Nadine, maybe I will write a book.

Naseem, when ever I think of how bad it gets here, I think of you and other brave women who have escaped countries like Pakistan.

I also love the macarena song. I can play it on my guitar and watch little kids do the mac. It's too funny. You can write an abundace of dirty lyrics to it too.

Pat said...

I'm worried about my grand daughter. My mother wants me to drive over to the next town and confront her mother. If I do that, it will be bad. I could end up in jail. So, I'm thinking on what to do. I don't want to be Ricky, but, I'm worried for the kid.

Heidi said...

My friend only seems to have room for two *friends* in her life at one time. For many moons it has been me and another friend. We all get along. Lately, she has hooked up with some guy online that the third friend introduced her to. So now I am out. But that isn't even the half of it. I get the slightest twinge that she does not value me for my personality but more for what I can offer her.
And she loves to play dumb and back pedal when I call her on it. I just decided the other day that I am not in the mood anymore. There is so much more to the story but I do not want to re-hash it all.

How long have you not seen her or heard from her?
Does her mom do this on more then one occasion?

Pat said...

Heidi, your friend sounds like a shitty friend. You're better off without the irritation.

Yeah, Lissa's mom does this sometimes and I have to hunt down the child. She could be left with anybody. It's not good. I stay out of her mom's life, I've never even been to her house, but, when I sense something is wrong with my grand daughter, I'm usually right. Today her mom found out I'm looking for her and she knows I won't quit, so she finally called. She promised her boy friend (wtf? Right?) would deliver Lissa here tomarrow.



Your grand daughter is a lucky little girl to have you -

Hang in there....

gardenhoe said...

Thanks. I shoulda stole your name. It's really good.



Feel free to use it. It gets rid of all that pent up anger I have, lol!

Nadine said...

Pat, you know that moron of an ex-daughter in law of yours needs you so she only plays with you once in a while to keep you in line... bitch that she is. She won't take Lissa totally away from you, she knows damn well she's better off with you than with her or her moron friends, but she has to let you know that "she's the one calling the shots"... let it pass my friend, cause if not she will just be a bigger bitch than she has been when she plays her games. Give Lissa a few more years and she won't want to be with her mom...
hugs to both of you....