Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No great beauty

I can't help but wonder where Deanna HumJob went to school. DumbShit University? Because only a sad sack who graduated suck me cum lewd would think Jon Gosselin is a catch. I mean, not only are the hair plugs questionable, but, the guy's a slacker who's allergic to work, "hangs" with 15 year olds, has 8 annoying kids and his bitch of a wife is going to get all the money. But, now we find out that he's a toker a boozer too. Kate used to give him 5 dollars a day and he spent it all on ditch weed. Maybe someday Kate will give him a divorce and Jon and Deanna can get married and they'll play that reggae version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow when these two get hitched at the trailer court. I'm sending them Zig Zags, it will be in their registry.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with being a toker unless you're being irresponsible with it. Booze does way worse shit to people, and their families, than pot ever could. Cigs too - cigs and booze kill thousands daily and pot has never killed anyone in thousands and thousands of years of recorded use/history.

Plus, there are only three side effects of weed: Happy, hungry, sleepy. In that order. :)

It's people like him give weed a bad name, not the other way around.

gardenhoe said...

Get off yer soap box. I don't give two shits about weed. It's not going to motivate the slacker fucktard, that's for sure. I'll bet he's high right now and trying to figure out a way to sniff his own butt crack.

Anonymous said...

She look like a skank.


Who ... Who would date a guy with 8 kids?!

What a dumb fuck.

Anonymous said...

"there's nothing wrong with being a toker"


you're ridiculous.

drugs, smokes, booze, none of it does good things to your body. let's not fool ourselves.

shmedelle said...

Bottom line: he's just a fuck-up spineless ass wiper who cannot get it through his thick skull how sad and ironic it is to complain about his lack of privacy without it evening dawning on him that his children have no privacy either, and never will.
Jon Boy, I don't have to look up 'exploited' in the dictionary...I think I'm good on that one.
He could wake-and-bake and drink every night and screw any local young retard....that's not what makes him to be a dumb ass. He had that covered when he fathered the 6.

Most dudes get their balls snipped when they make only 40K a yr. and already have 2 kids but, I guess some would argue he has no balls to snip.



I don't think Jon has balls to snip. I believe he was born with a man-gina....!

Deanna looks like a man. . .but then again so does Kate.

I LOVE POT! said...


are nice.

shmedelle said...


I don't think Jon has balls to snip. I believe he was born with a man-gina....!

Deanna looks like a man. . .but then again so does Kate.

Yep. A furry, pungent one at that.
He most likely dosen't even wear underwear. His hairplugs would have looked so much better had they used the graft from his pubes.

Nina said...

Kate's a certifiable cunt, Jon is beyond question a spineless moron.
ANYONE,seriously getting involved with these two, be it flip-flop-cop,banging the shrew, an opportunistic, plastic surgeon's spawn or a dipwad nobody looking for her 15 min. with a dipwad d-list celebrity, is a complete asshole.

No one gives a rats ass about the kids. Fans love to stand up and praise Kate for not reducing the pregnancy, but I'm telling you, watching these two dolts distroy these kids convinces me that abortion/ reduction would NOT, have been a bad choice.

Some people are like male hampsters...They eat their young, figuratively or literally these kids are being consumed by the parents lack of anything even close to; morals, ethics, standards or parental instincts...


Heidi said...

If Jon has to smoke a bit of weed to get through the Rein of Kate, I see nothing wrong with it.
But he is still a jack ass dildo in my book.
Jon, put your pecker in your pants until the divorce is over. You will look better in the eyes of the court if you do.

Eric in San Diego said...

I used to try to support Jon's viewpoint, but never again. He has proven to be just as vile as his nasty wife. I truly feel for the kiddos, who remain adorable, because they are going to see ALL of this crap someday and will be horrified. Some forward thinking shrink should be setting up the group discount therapy sessions for them right about now!

Oh, and Deanna? Way to make yourself look like a homewrecking skank! Your parents must be so proud...

gardenhoe said...

Click that Jon and Kate sucks link I have to see the kinds of people Jon hangs out with. Little drunk idiots who put guns to each others heads.