Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mowing break..contemplating fun money

I'm on a mowing break. I'm having a pretty good quiet day here, just mowing a little at a time. I don't know what kind of mower that is, I found the old thing in the shed when I moved here. I gassed and oiled it and cussed it good and it starts. It's rough and finicky, and I'll have to buy a new one someday, but, not now. I don't know about you guys, but, I live paycheck to paycheck mostly and I have these stupid funds for things I want. They're like wish funds. I have a camera fund that never seems to get me a camera. Every time I get enough, something breaks, like the plumbing or I need a new fridge (you know, grown up stuff that's NO fun) and I have to use it for emergency money. And dip into other wish funds too. You'd think I'd have an emergency fund, but, those are no fun at all. I can't see the point.
Anyhow, in the last few months, nothing has least, nothing I can't ignore for awhile. I have a tidy little sum just waiting for me to spend it on whatever I want. Wooo! I'm going shopping tomarrow and I've been looking at cameras online. And toys too. Lissa has a birthday coming right up. She'll be five! I guess, unless something crazy happens between now and Saturday, we'll have a great little party AND I'll take some good pictures. I decided not to make the cake. I can decorate a cake, but, I don't even pretend my cakes taste good. Lissa said her only requirement is that it be chocolate and have "fwinkles." And candles. If anyone has camera advice, please post it. I'll check out any you tell me you like.
So, back to mowing. Oh, I just ran over a huge snake in the overgrown grass. I didn't hurt him, whew. I swear he was at least 6 foot long! I ran in to grab the camera and he was gone. Until I see him again, he will remain an Internet legend (see probable lie, except I'm not lyin')..I'll bet he's around here somewhere just waiting to pose for my new camera. There's some Sunflowers that came up from being spilled out of the bird feeder. I left some to grow there, they always remind me of my daughter. And a dirty forgotten plastic lawn chair in case Kate Gosslein stops to visit. I'll squirt her with the hose and run over her with the lawn mower. Which would only improve her hair.


Biz said...

The best I can do is recommend brands, Canon and Olympus. I don't know much about cameras, when I bought the 2 I have (a Canon Rebel 35mm SLR and a Olympus Stylus 1030 SW digital) I went to a real camera store instead of a "big box" store so they could guide me towards what would best fit my needs. They knew what they were talking about. I LOVE both cameras.
My digital takes short little videos (that's what I use for the ones of Sammy on my page) which was a huge bonus--I didn't find that out until a few months into owning it, lol, who needs an owners manual right?
You could take vids of Lis, have little interview sessions or something, either for just yourself to keep or to put on here, I'd bet they'd be a riot!

Pat said...

Oh, man I like that idea! The vids you post of Sammie are really good.

Anonymous said...


gardenhoe said...


shmedelle said...

When i bought my camera a couple of years ago it took me a few months of research to decide on one. I too, am not made of money so, I wanted to make sure I got the biggest bang for my buck. I read a ot on this site
You can read the manuals, see what pics look like, etc.. it is a very comprehensive camera review site.
I bought my camera online. I buy stuff that is refurbished too. A lot of times refurbished means someone bought it and returned it within 30 days. Got my mp3 player that way.
Woot has lots of stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

Thats funny, I was just thinking how you must have got a new camera when I saw the green flower pic! (it is a really cool picture)


gardenhoe said...

Thanks, shmedelle.

sb, that flower was mine, the camera that took it was someone elses. LOL! Good eye, friend.

Anonymous said...

Canon and Sony make the best digital cameras. I know this because I had a Canon before and now a Sony. Walmart has good prices on camera's. I wouldn't spend more than $150. The one I have cost less. Anyway, get a hot color! I have a pink one! :)

Mowing the lawn seems like a good work out if the land you are mowing is flat and not on a hill. I can usually make the mower go downhill but can't make it go back up. Not good. The riding mowers cost too much. We bought our mower when it was on sale. What would I do without sales.

Corina said...

I've had four cameras, 2 were pieces of shit - my theory is that a colored one breaks. I had a blue Vivatar (or something like that) and it ate my pics. Then I got a pink poloraid and the flash sucked. So whatever you do make sure it's silver! LOL - but seriously, my first digital was an HP and i liked it.

Now I have the Kodak Easyshare C875. THE best camera I have ever used - ALL kodak Easyshares are super cheap, gorgeous pics, easy to use, and have lots of special stuff as well as the plain point and shoot. If you check out my blog archive for December 08 you can see lots of different lit shots as well as it's video quality:
Mind you, this is also a couple years old. HTH! :)

Pat said...

Hey, I was just looking at the Kodak Easyshare. It's on sale and has 10 MP's. Thanks for telling me what you thought of it.

Pat said...

Mowing is fun when it's cool, but, it's really HOT here now and I have a lot to mow with two yards. I don't think a riding mower would do me much good here, we have so many nooks and crannys and sheds and gardens. Naseem, is everything measured in exersize and calories for you? Buddy, we need to go have a milk shake. A big chocolate one. I'm puttin' whipped cream on yours! :)

Anonymous said...

My Samsung has done well by me for the last two years; granted by now it's antiquated....but I agree with those who suggested Kodak, Canon, and Olympus. Kodak especially. And you PROMISE to run over Kate with that mower? Pretty please?


vlynn930 said...

i have a sony cybershot that i like. it takes pics and's small enough to fit in the back pocket of my jeans when i'm on the back of the motorcycle.

Anonymous said...

i have had olympus and they take good pix...just make sure your camera does NOT take quicktime movies because if it does, you MUST buy quicktime pro for $30 in order to edit them!!! get a camera that takes .avi or any other extension besides .mov video!!!

Nina said...

I have Olympus and Canon and they do well for me as well.

Love all the posie pics. It's like spending a moment in nature whilst snarking the shit out of J&K...
An oasis of calm amidst parenting crapola...
Geez, I'm starting out poetically today. It can only go downhill from here...

Pat said...

Okay, I'm reading all this and looking all this stuff up, thanks. Oh, the coffee is ready, that'll help. Really, thanks for taking time to help me out here.

shmedelle said...

Please let us know what you decide on. I bought my camera 4 yrs ago but, I think almost anything you get is going to be good. Tech stuff gets better like every six months.
Someday I'd like to upgrade to a camera with a lot of optical zoom so I can get pics of my kid playing ball. Always had my eye on the Nikon D-40. Best luck.

konspiracytheory said...

Just bought a Canon Power Shot A590IS. Consumer Reports gave it good reviews, and so far I'm happy with it (not a camera expert by any means though). My one complaint is that the viewing screen scratches really easily - I learned the hard way that I need to put the camera in a case before I bring it anywhere.

My last camera was six years old - it was a Kodak that (much to my chagrin) turned out to have some problems shortly after I purchased it - I don't know how they are now, but at the time their costumer service sucked so bad that I swore I'd never buy another Kodak.

Hope that helps. Now quick - buy that camera before something around your house breaks!

gardenhoe said...

I'm back and I have a new camera!! It came with a battery charger and I'm getting it all ready. I hope it works out, I'll post about it. I really hope I got good software with it. I've had decent cameras with SUCK software before. Thank you all for your help. You really did help!

Bohemianmoon said...

********I don't know about you guys, but, I live paycheck to paycheck mostly and I have these stupid funds for things I want. They're like wish funds. I have a camera fund that never seems to get me a camera. Every time I get enough, something breaks, like the plumbing or I need a new fridge (you know, grown up stuff that's NO fun) and I have to use it for emergency money. And dip into other wish funds too. You'd think I'd have an emergency fund, but, those are no fun at all. I can't see the point.*******

I love this! I love your writing and I love, love, love your blog :)

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