Monday, June 22, 2009

Marigold and hot peppers

Okay, I'll tell you, I like this camera. I could never take close ups like this with my old one. You know what I don't like? Their stupid little Kodak album. I have to go in there to get the pics and export them to my computer picture files. I haven't figured out how to export the whole shebang at once. There is nothing in that silly little Kodak album that I can't do better and faster with my own stuff. It's amaturish. So does anyone know how to set it up so that I can either upload the pics right to my comuter picture files or how I can export them to my picture files all at once? Because this, one by one, click click click click click shit is stupid.


gardenhoe said...

I was going to move that pepper so it would get more light for the picture. Then I had a brain cell kick in. Don't touch that thing with out gloves. Geez.

Anonymous said...

I have the powershot sd870. when i plug it in to get my pics, i get an option of where to put you get that? sb

gardenhoe said...


gardenhoe said...

Okay, I figured out an easier way to move them. I can click them in the album, then clik the "open with" (program choice) option, then put them directly to photo files. I wish I knew how to do that with the entire album, but, this will work. Wooo hooo! I have pictures!

Anonymous said...

I didnt see you took your cannon back...anyhoo, hope you and Lissa have fun tomorrow, Grandmas are awesome, they let you do stuff nobody else will let you do!!!! I wish my daughter had one like you (:

shmedelle said...

Very nice pic.!!! Glad the camera is working out.

Corina said...

If you go to edit > select all, then click file > locate on computer; it'll move all the selected files to your computer ones. I'm glad you like the Kodak - macro mode is fabulous isn't it?!

PeggyAnn said...

Have you taken a look at Picasa?

shmedelle said...

Man, that pic is gorgeous! Makes me want a new camera, or at least learn all the features on the one I have. But, I cannot. I just bought a Flip Mino and I love it!
Off topic but, The Trailor Park Boys....hmmmm..Are they for real?
Seems awfully well edited for a couple of bong inhaling country bumkins. Was this a TV show that I fortunately missed? Just like whats-her-face? With the strawberry/toothpaste teeth whitening tip. Good tip, maybe. But, all I could think was, 'that's a dude'. Fucking people and their newfangled cameras. lol
I love ya gardenhoe, and I'll keep checking your blog for more weird shit.

Heidi said...

I want a new camera too. I have an ancient one and I was not able to take pics of the penis cookies I made for that party.
I love the way the new camera is highlighting your garden so well.
I think I am going to go back and look some more because I am in a pissy mood this morning Pat. I want to throttle the Kons. Really grab them by the neck and give them a good shake.

crabbie said...

So the camera thing is cleared up. Well that's a relief.

Nina said...

Gorgeous Pics all over the place!

Mona K said...

When you plug your camera into your computer, you can go to my computer > your camera >select all pictures > move them into a picture album.

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