Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Zuchini is talking over the world

I'm feeling better today, I've recovered from my check day ordeal. I have to work today and I have Lissa this weekend so I'm practicing my not cussing now. No F bombs or C word. She's such a parrot. We've had a perfect weather cycle of rain and heat, rain and heat. It's like living in a greenhouse. Very cool. The Zuchs are amazing, as is most everything else I planted. See that yellow arrow? That's Cantaloupe. Poor old Mushys, they look stunted. I planted the Cantaloupes seeds on the same day I planted the Zuchs and Watermelons. I don't know why they're so small. And that red arrow is a hot pepper. They look stunted too. But, that's okay, because I don't like them. I just think they're pretty. The corn is big and strong and the rest of the garden is great. I lost an Eggplant, my only garden casualty, so far. My Radishes are weird. Most of them are three feet high. I suspect that's due to the unusually favorable weather, but, you have to admit..that's weird. We eat them all the time, but, now I'm going to rip out the row because they are into the Tomatoes. Who ever heard of giant Radishes?? I'll plant some more somewhere else. They're one of those things you can plant all Summer because they grow fast. I have tons of various Lettuce ready and Spinich. The rabbits didn't care for it at all. So far, I have no bug or animal damage. Oh, and I have lots of hot peppers and bell peppers in another garden doing fine. It's odd how plants decide where they like to be, isn't it? I see a few small weeds, if it bothers you, feel free to bring your hoe over. I'll make the lemonade. Or sun tea..your choice.


crystal said...

obvioulsy the zuchini love being there - hopefully the others will take soon although they are starting. I can hardly wait till everything gets going - what an amazing garden in total you are going to have and look forward to the pic's.

you need to find an F & C word that will replace them for weekends with Lizza, then when you go to use them, this other word will come out. hey maybe flower for the F - that would probable fit into any sentence cuz she will think your talking about your garden lol.

btw I sent you an email yesterday and I shrunk a pic hoping that was the problem the other day. Please let me know when you have a second if you got it.

Biz said...

How do zuchini talk over the world?? Are they loud? :)

I'm impressed, if we weren't still renting I would love to start gardening..but alas, that's on my todo list for once we have our own house.

Eric in San Diego said...

There was a cartoon in the papers a while ago that ran for a week about the couple trying to give away all of the zukes they had grown. I can relate! They will take over an area and then produce GOBS of big ol' green torpedos.

Next year, I'm taking over a section of the yard for a garden. I was close this year, but things conspired to prevent it. Next year, I tell you, big time!

Pat said...

LOL Eric, there's a joke here about locking your car in August or people will sneak Zuchini into it. Lucky for me, I love it.

I'll check Crys, I'm still going to put peoples pics on here. Sundays were a fav day at the DD site.

Biz, can't you do some container gardening? I know living in that apartment drove me crazy with no garden space. I eventually took over an area for flowers.

Anonymous said...

Your garden is looking great..and abundant! I would love to grow tomatoes but perhaps should start smaller? Like an herb or something?
I don't know... I love the new site though =)


gardenhoe said...

Hey, start with anything you like! Trial and error is how I learned.