Sunday, June 7, 2009

Crystal's flowers

Hey, Crystal sent me this nice picture of the flowers she planted in an old watering can and coal bucket that belonged to her grand parents. Isn't that pretty? It'd be cool to keep the antique metal theme going and see how many different ones you could collect, Crys. Your Lobelia look awesome in those containers.


Biz said...

Very very cool. I bet you could end up with quite a collection of all different kinds of old watering cans. It's so nice to be able to say that that was her grandfather's. I have some old milk jugs from my husbands grandfather's farm that I use for flowers. I did it just to make my husband happy at first, but then realized they look pretty cool.

crystal said...

thanks DD and Biz. That is a great idea and the garage sales should be starting soon and we love to go find them lol. I will keep my eye open for metal containers and although they won't have the memories behind them - maybe my grandchildren will keep them in their garden :)

I put different plants in every year, but these are looking very nice in them.

Thanks for posting it DD. I can hardly wait to take a picture of my Hydrania bush and I am hoping my peach & plum tree will do well this year - we had such a brutal winter.

gardenhoe said...

I can't wait to see them Crys. We have plums coming on. I'm wondering if I should dust them (with seven) or leave them be?