Monday, June 8, 2009

More Clematis

We have hybrid Clematis too. Yeah, it's all purple. Mom planted all kinds of crap over the decades in the wrongest spots. Much of it died, some of it struggled on. I found these poor things right smack in the front yard with no supports. I mean, wtf? They'd been mowed for years and it's a wonder I even spotted them. I dug up four of them and put them by her porch poles. Then I ran wire to the roof for them to climb. I think they're going to make it and eventually cover the porch. She thinks they grew there volunteer. Yeah, ma, that's so lucky they all sprung up by a pole. See, if I was really mean, I'd send her a bill. It would be extensive. So would my therapy bill.


gardenhoe said...

Good thing I think gardening is threapy, huu? You know what I need? A Trumpet Vine. They grow wild here too. So I'm on the look out. I know I could just buy one, but, that's not as fun as saying I got it free. They're hard as hell to dig up. I'll post pics of my fat ass sweating when I find it.

Coyote said...

Hey, DD,

Do are you growing any asparagus? I bought some to make tonight---$$$$ !!

Have you thought of having a veggie stand? There's a gal not far from me that could probably buy and sell me!

Pat said...

Yummy! Not yet, I'm putting a bed of it in the Summer since it won't produce this year. A veggie stand? Uhh, wouldn't I have to talk to people instead of veggies? That would not be good.

crystal said...

lol at having to talk to people. You must have good soil or something cuz Clematis's are not easy to grow. I have tried a few and they died on me.

A couple of weeks ago I turned 50 so my 2 g/f went and bought me 2 Hosta's, another pink plant and a Clematis and I am trying so very hard not to kill any of them lol.

The Clematis is at a great climbing place, but I just have to remember to water it as I don't see it every day.

Very pretty Pat, not sure what colour mine is but I will let you know.

Noelle said...

I just caught up on the last 4 or 5 days it is some og the funniest shit I have ever read. That trailer park show? Scott woke me from a dead sleep on a different floor through three closed doors laughing at that crazy show. Love the formal scare crow, love pics of the lissa and the rest of the fam. I feel your pain on check day. I can taste the last salad and my mouth waters for fresh matos. Thanks for the fun!

Coyote said...

Pat, I was thinking along the lines that you wouldn't have to work AND you could spend more time in your garden. "If you like your job, you never work a day in your life." It was just a thought.