Thursday, June 4, 2009

To those of you who hate me..rejoice

My day will be totally fucked. The old lady saw the doctor and he gave her some antibiotics, I dropped her scrip off an picked up her blood pressure meds. Get this..those fuckhead kids at the pharmacy sent me home with a Vicodin prescription that belonged to someone else. I didn't open the bag until I got home. Fuck me! (There will be lots of "fucks" in this post.) Do you have any idea how badly I wanted to keep that prescription??? Sigh. I did the right thing and took it back. I hate it when I do the right thing at the expense of my mental heath, which would have been greatly improved with Vicodin (ask Dr. House.) It doesn't make me a good person, it makes me a stupid cunt. Now I have to go back later and pick up the antibiotics. Maybe they'll fuck up again and give me a bag of magic mushrooms. Mom just stumbled in here because she can't get the child proof caps open. No big surprise there, huu? Now she says she needs to go to the store again, she couldn't remember what she needed yesterday. And, oh, yeah, Aunt Ruth is back from gambling and she wants to go too. So what do I have against old people ?...(someone asked in comments), oh, eat me.
This will be my whole day, loading and unloading. Geezer fuckers. I wouldn't mind so much if they'd keep their traps shut, but, they won't. It will be a whole day of their flap trap old bullshit. Fish samich eatin' fuckers. Sweet baby Jesus with a popsicle stick up his ass! But, when I get home, I am putting the NO sign on my door. Once a week I allow myself to use the NO sign with no guilt. NO what, you may ask? NO NOTHING. Leave me alone.
The mystery vine is blooming. It's purple.


Crabbie said...

Remember when you only used to bitch to me about this stuff? Now EVERYONE gets to hear it. I would eat a fish sandwich in your honor but those things are disgusting.

gardenhoe said...

Yes, I do remember. That was when I had a shred of dignity. I was at your place today, glad to see you blogging.

Anonymous said...

Coke on the computer keyboard is not good......LMAO!!!!! Damn woman, you make me laugh.


Anonymous said...

Ah, forget it, GH, can't hate ya...sorry! ;) I AM jealous that you had temporary possession of Vicodin, though.

10G (Gina)


I go on-line and get my prescriptions filled. Once they made this wonderful mistake and sent me #90 norco 10-325.

It was nice.

Anonymous said...

you will be old someday.

Anonymous said...

Giving up a bottle of Vicodin? Umm...YOU LOSE! I suppose it is noble you did the right thing ;) Still love you tho.


lia said...

we have a lady who thinks that indians live at the back of our shop and so she sends them letters, and her summons from the police (she assaulted some), her court orders, anything else she doesn't want to know about and hey yes.... also her anti psychotic medication (cause she doesn't take drugs she told me). but i'd be too scared to take it, i think i'd end up tripping.