Friday, May 29, 2009

Basket of red Geraniums

Plants are going on sale now. Geraniums were $4 bucks apiece a month ago. I passed. Now they're 4 plants for .99 cents. I bought all the pink ones they had for the window boxes, but, mom likes red. I found that basket in her junk pile. She really liked this and it looks nice on her porch. They'll fill out in a couple of weeks.
It's still not to late to buy some Annuals, now on sale. And you can put Perennials in all summer because they take a year to get nice. I'm going to check the stores dumpster at the end of this month. That's when they throw all this stuff away and you can get it free. It looks like crap, but, like I said, Perennials usually look like crap the first year anyway.
You know where else you can get free plants? The cemeteries. They have a pick up date for plants posted at the entry. If people don't pick up their Memorial Day grave plants by that date, the maintenance crews will throw them out. They have to, so they can mow. Check the garbage or cemetery burn pile on the day after pick up date. It will be mostly Annuals, but, many containers of hanging Begonias, Inpatients, Petunias..other nice stuff all ready to go to your porch or flower bed.


Coyote said...

You know where else you can get free plants? The cemeteries.

Who knew?

Disher said...

I like cemetaries. I like to take pictures in them and read the old stones. You can get free Christmas wreaths and stuff after December, you know, if you don't mind where they came from. I have some really nice ones I saved.