Friday, May 15, 2009


What is it you Southerners call Lantana? Bacon and eggs or butter and eggs? Anyhow, it's not common here. You don't see it often because it's an annual here and not well known. I always request a bit of it. I bought one plant on a whim once and it shocked me how it took off, mounded and was big and beautiful. I planted some in the ground and some in pots in diff spots. Southerners are lucky it's a perennial there. Like my bunny? Yeah....gawd. I came home and Mom had set that in front of my house, right on a Moonflower. Geez, thanks, Ma, it was a lifelong dream of mine to own a begging resin rabbit. I know! I'll shut up now. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

I've never grown any Lantana, looks pretty though, especially looking forward to seeing matured & filled out.

Hey i LIKE the bunny! :P

dirtydisher said...

Could be worse I guess. The bunny is the tip of the iceburg. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I do like the lantana, but it can get out of hand quick. I live in SC also which is why I guess it gets out of hand ;-)

gardenhoe said...

Ahh, you have the famous Kudzu too! I wish I could see it. The Kudzu covered abandoned houses are so fascinating.

Anonymous said...

We definitely have kudzu and it will cover anything!! It's amazing how it takes over the way it does.

coyote-38609 said...

When we moved south, I saw a pretty hanging basket. I asked what it was and decided that I would make myself a basket, too. (In those days I did garden). So, in the next day or two I took myself to the nursery and there was an old man tending to some annuals. I asked him if they had a plant called creeping jesus. He scratched his head, gave me a blank stare, and said, "No, don't think I've ever heard of such a plant."

I described it to him at that point because I *knew* I wasn't crazy--I knew what I saw! He looked at me, grinned, and said, you don't mean wandering jew, do you? He nailed it!!!

I've laughed many times thinking about that over the years. He must have been thinking, "Damn, stupid yankee!"

Okay, I'm going to save the other subjects for another day. Thanks for interesting evening, garden hoe--love it.