Thursday, May 21, 2009

Look at my tomatoes!

They're getting bigger! Some have yellow blossoms already. I have 9 different kinds and several heirlooms. I do notice the Heirloom Tomatoes are pickier, not as hardy. But, they smell more tomatoey. You can smell them all over the side yard and it's nice. I have too many Tomatoes, we can't use all these, but, I wanted to see which one's my family likes best and keep track of it. I have another patch of them in back. Probably, umm, 20 plants. Way too many. The radishes in front are nearly ready, some of them are ready and need thinned. I'll pull some today along with green onions. It seems so quick! Can you believe I'm already getting food out of this garden? If I brag on my 'maters any more, we'll get a tornado. Ha. I know it.


coyote-38609 said...

I'm not a gardener, but one year I did plant 36 tomato plants. I had enough to give everyone in the whole county tomatoes!!

Now, you've done it. I'm hungry for a tomato sandwich (white bread) with Helman's Mayonaise, pepper and salt.

I could live on them.

Disher said...

Umm. Now I want one too and those weird supermarket faux tomatoes won't do at all.

Anonymous said...

Wow they sure have grown FAST. You must be getting a pretty near perfect mix of warm sunshine and rain.

Faux tomatoes aint that the truth and the price they dare put on them is what gets me.

Disher said...

Lots of rain and heat. Perfect Mater weather. Everything is growing so fast and good!