Thursday, May 28, 2009

Still growing

Every day I can see change. It hasn't even come close to it's season, but, I'm still shocked anything grew in the front. I knew Marigolds would, they'll grow anywhere, but, other things are doing well too. I stuck that blue Lobelia in there just now. I found it on sale. It usually looks pretty for a couple of weeks, then peters out. The Dusty Millers are growing here. The Lobelia looks really good with the Dusties. I've never seen Dusty Miller grow around here at all. They usually sit there the same size all season. Cool.
Look at my seedlings. Yup, they are now the same size as the 6 Marigolds I bought, and they are budding. Which tells me, it doesn't matter if you plant seeds or buy plants, they will grow exactly the same, at the same rate. By the time the plants get over root shock and take off, the seedlings are the same size because they never had root shock. Hardly any weeds either because I scattered seeds so close together. It worked just like I said. I'm not as blond as I am.
Stupid Daisy clumps are uneven. And baby Daisy's are everywhere. I can't control the flowers. I can't control the flowers. Repeat 40 times and get the shovel. Oh, pink Snapdragon starting to bloom..that's gonna be pretty.


Coyote said...

I'm doomed. I could never remember the names of all the plants!!!

gardenhoe said...

I dunno, you just get used to them after you plant for a few years.

Biz said...

I love snapdragons, they're so pretty and velvetty. I used to work in a flower shop and went thru a brief obsession where they were all I'd use in every arrangement, people actually complained.

Disher said...

I love them too. I get the big ones because they make the snappy dragon when you pinch them. Kids love that. They think you're a genius....for two minutes.

I like your icon there.

Biz said...

Me? Thanks :)

gardenhoe said...

I can't spell flur d lis, but, I'm partial to them. I have a few around here.