Friday, May 8, 2009

Mushroom watch

Tons of little browns in Mom's front yard. Angel in the bushes watches over them. Mom collects Angels..I don't. Enough said on that. My love affair with mushrooms and toadstools continues. I adore them. I haven't seen any Death Angels yet, they come later. Last year I found a fairy ring and I remember where it was. So, I am going to look for it again. Do you know what these brown ones mean? It means the Morels are out. Hmm. I want some really bad, they are so delicious. I might have to take some time off and go shroom hunting.


Anonymous said...

Love shrooms too, but i have to admit that i dont know enough about growing them or picking them to know whats worth taking home and what i should run away from.

Disher said...

You should stay away from all of them. Seriously. I just look at them, except Morels. Wild Morels are very diff looking, easily recognized and something everyone around her has grown up eating.

One tiny common Amanita will kill a man. There's no recovery. Sooo, they are all best left alone.