Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stinking rotten cats!

The cats keep digging up my Marigolds and Baby's Breath. Just digging. Who knew cats like to dig? We aren't talking potty here, just digging like a dog. They've killed about a hundred little plants. I've resorted to old bird cages and mouse traps along with hot pepper. I heard one yowl last night and the trap had sprung on it's furry ass and scared it. LMAO! That's a roll of it's fur caught in the bottom there. You think I'm mean? Too bad. I dug them a play space in the back of mom's yard. I even planted catnip and added compost, since they like the smell of compost. But, nooooooooo. Now it's war. I really hate most of them. They are very deliberate in their annoying behavior. Cats are not dumb, they know I don't want them here. They know where their part of the property is. It's a dangerous game they're playing. I may not win, but, neither will they. I'm glad I have replacement beds for transplanting...or I'd be burying grenades.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you... I do love animals, but there are ALOTTTT of cats there and they are menaces. A
Casey J.

Disher said...

I wish people would stop thinking cats don't bother anyone. They're an awful bother.

Frimmy said...

I do not hate animals but I hate the way people let their cats out to roam free and use your garden as their personal toilets. If I could collect all the crap from cats and deposit it back in their owner's yards I would. I have done that when I saw the cat who did it.

I clipped rose branches and put those thorny hurdles on the pathways where the cats walk through my garden. That was effective. FYI moth balls don't work although that was also a suggestion. I ran a daycare from my home for eight years and I constantly had to comb the yard to make sure the kids weren't going to get into cat crap.

I used to love cats and I've had several over the years but thanks to cat owners who could care less what their pets do to other people's yards, I don't anymore. At least there are laws about dogs having to stay on leashes. We need one for cats.