Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nancy Today..stained glass pannels for the garden

This is such a great idea and pretty easy. I don't have any place to hang them, but, I'll bet I will next year. I have lots of stained glass tools and things left from past projects, whouldn't it be great to make some of these? Yep. Now, where did I put my soldering iron?


Coyote said...

Loved Nancy! This would be an inexpensive way to dress up a window, as well, sending unusual lighting into a room.

My hobby was always interior decorating. I'm just starting to get interested, again, since I lost my husband. I learned many years ago that things are best placed in odd numbers. For instance, on a table 1, 3, 5 things looks best. Though I couldn't get a really good perspective, I thought the single ones looked great, but the two probably would have been better with three.

Where on earth do you find these things? I just love this site.

Disher said...

Ahh, the 1-3-5 rule works for plants too. You mean where do I find the vids or where do you find the glass?

The glass you can get at any art supply store that sells stained glass suplies. It comes in sheets and isn't expensive. Or you can cut it to size with a 2 dollar glass cutter. Stained glass isn't that hard to work with. I have some windows I made. Wanna see?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see...I've always wanted to try it.

Coyote said...

I'd love to see your glass!! I guess what I really meant with my question, where do you find/think of all the interesting things you post, here?

I didn't realize 1, 3, 5 was for plants, as well.

I was thinking about the glass last night. I'm having my house painted soon. After that, if I have the money I need to replace some foundation shrubs. I have a front porch on my house. It's a pain to water hanging baskets there, so I thought hanging glass panes might be the better option. I'd hang them at different lengths all across the front. It's northern exposure, but any light that would hit them would cast a nice light.

I could always do potted plants and put some sort of little table and chairs out there. Right now I have a bench, which I'll leave, but it would be a nice place for my sister and I to sit when she comes to visit. She's a smoker (I'm an x-smoker about 10 years). I tell her she can smoke in the house-doesn't bother me, but she won't. This way we she could have a pleasant place to sit have a cup of java and a cigarette. The patio in the back is not covered and is too hot--especially late afternoon.

She can only get down here every few years. We had a reunion last year. I found a brother we didn't know we had. He came in from California. The brother I knew died a week before I found the new brother--both had the same name all these years. Quite an experience. He calls me almost every day to tell me he loves me--he's so cute. Ten years older and an only child--long involved story, as you can see!!

Coyote said...

Got carried away with my last post. TMI. I felt like I was writing to a friend. I apologize.

gardenhoe said...

You are talking to a friend. I read all the comments and I like chatting here. Really? You found a brother you didn't know? Wow. Did he turn out to be someone you like? I have half sisters I've never met..also in California. I decided long ago not to find them. I am sorry about your brother. I also had a brother with the same name as my full brother, but, the half brother died years ago. Weird that we have so many similarities.

Oh, what kind of shrubs are you going to plant?