Friday, May 8, 2009

Tuwella and Lissa playing in the rain

Mom gave Lissa an umbrella. She liked it, but, mostly opening it up in our faces. They were both on my shit list yesterday..I need an attitude check, huu? The rain was nice, not cold. They played out there until it got dark. And I got some flowers in. Now I have to mow again. I've been mowing every four days, in the Spring it grows so fast. Does your grass do that where you live? Seems like it springs up a foot overnight.

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Anonymous said...

what a cute picture - one to frame for sure. Kids always seem to find a way to amuse themselves but quite often at others expense lol.

yup we (well hubby) is always mowing the lawn. I think I personally would leave it for a few more weeks, but it does look better after he does it though.

Gardens are a lot of hard work - weeds seem to grow as fast as grass too lol