Friday, May 8, 2009

Salt Lights

Someone on here asked me about salt lights. Those are salt lights, like we have at the shop. The big ones are electric, the small ones, candles. The glow is unearthly, they are gorgeous. That pic is by FarmerBerlin on Facebook because my camera won't take good pics of lamps. We're all sold out of big ones now, so I have to wait for the next shipment. I hope I'm not broke when it comes in.


Anonymous said...

Ok...seriously...the shop needs a website that we can order from!!

Jane said...

Thank you for showing these. But, I'm still confused. Are they made of hollowed out salt rocks? I really never heard of these before.

On your garden, my dad used to raise rabbits and he had the best manure around. You have to let it "season" a little or it will burn your plants. He had some of the tallest, fullest tomatoes I have ever seen. I really miss Daddy's garden and his source of free fertilizer.

Luv nyour garden!

Anonymous said...

Oh i love salt lights! I agree, i'd love to be able to order some things from the shop.

I have a couple electric type rock lights, i'd love to get my hands on half a dozen of the candle variety.

gardenhoe said...

Yep, they are just salt. Mined salt that's natural colors. They hollow up a core from the bottom and install a light. I should make a website for the shop. That's a great idea. I'd have to convince Glenna to learn to use it so she could list her books and things. Then everyone in the world would know exactly where I live though. I guess I don't care. Haters probably don't have bus fare..heh heh.

gardenhoe said...

Jane, yeah, rabbit poo! Same with chicken poo, it's hot, but, works great if you age it. So your dad was a gardner? Are you?