Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lissa's bean garden

Lissa planted beans yesterday all by herself. I removed the grass and she dug it out with her little shovel, then I helped her smooth it with a rake. It was odd that I didn't have to show her how to plant beans, she just knew and spaced them about right. Then she watered them with her super soaker and blew bubbles on them to help them grow. She ran whooping out this morning to see if her beans were up and she thought she saw one, but, it was a stray rag weed. That's okay, they'll be up next weekend. I don't know how straight her rows are and I don't care. My rows aren't straight either. She told me beans are disgusting, but, she might eat some of HER beans. Yeah, I told her they might be magic beans that actually taste good.
Lissa says she has magic powers and she's worried that someone could steal her powers. I told her everyone has magic powers and I don't think that's silly. No one can steal your magic powers unless you let them. She didn't tell me what her powers are, but, she waves her arms when she talks about them. That's throwing some energy right there..I don't know what she's throwing though. Maybe I'd better stand back until I find out.
I failed to get pics of her, she was in such a big hurry, and had to leave here at noon because she was getting her photo taken today. I said "I hope they get a good shot" and she got mad. She thought she was getting a shot and I had to explain that to her. It took awhile because when she gets mad, it's a tsunami. She left happy, her cousins are going too. Her Aunt Robyn's kids..she loves being with them. I hope she has an excellent day. I know I need some quiet. Really bad.

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