Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fence flowers

Mom's fence flowers look pretty, despite the stick to ya weeds. That crazy thing she wired to the fence is some piece of broken ... thing...that's supposed to be a bird bath. She's notorious for that. She didn't even think that maybe that hole goes all the way through. Heh. So, then she just sat an old skillet on top. Should I patch the hole, throw the whole thing in the garbage, or leave her alone?
Today I saw Siberian Iris at the pharmacy. The flowers were smaller but, intense and the foliage was really beautiful. I got Iris envy. Gotta find some of those suckers.


Coyote said...

Patch the hole, make Mom happy which will probably mean less grief for you.

Yes, I lived with a hoarder, my Mom--she drove me nuts--the hoarding spilled out into the yard, too. Was nothing to have a dozen pieces of furniture covered in tarps because they would be good to finish "some" day. Minor detail--there was no room in the house for them even if they were finished.

I miss her.

Anonymous said...

I need help! I admit to being a hoarder. And the worst part is I irratate myself. There is nothing I like better than a good uncluttered yard and house, but it seems that I just cannot help myself. I'm a very sick person and I need serious help. And I'll get it-----just as soon as I come back from my neighbor's. It's trash day and I see treasures!

Casey J. said...

I love Iris. Every time I see them I think of you mom, cause we always had them at our home. Where ever we were I could always see the Iris and know we were home. Remember when we had that HUGE field of Iris. That was sweet.

dirtydisher said...

Yep, I was an Iris planter. They are something you can find so easy and free. Aww, that was sweet, Case.

Anon hoarder..I inherited some hoarding traits too. I finally got over it. I think if you don't let it spill out into your yard and you at least keep your living room clear, you'll be okay. If it takes over everything, it makes you miserable.