Monday, May 25, 2009


Little row of Sweet Corn mixed with Sunflowers for a garden backing. I have two more bigger patches of corn. I just needed background for my scarecrow, which I will show you soon. I'm just using junk I find around here...except for the clothes. There's one of my homemade bird baths. Kind of a dumb place for it, huu? That's okay, I planted lettuce for the rabbits. I figured they might leave my stuff alone if I did that. I'll let you know how that works out.

Onions, Turnips, Cabbage. I had to mark the Turnips, they look just like Radishes right now. I don't like them that much, but, my Mom loves them. She doesn't know I planted them for her.
Cabbage is good, but, cheap. There's no real reason to grow your own except it's such a beautiful plant. I think it would look good in a flower bed. Don't tell me you hate Cabbage, without it there'd be no cole slaw. Yum. I like to eat it raw, like potato chips. With Tomato Juice for dip. I always have some in the fridge. Is that weird? That stuff above the Cabbage is Spinach. First time growing it. It looked just like Now it's getting real leaves.


Anonymous said...

Omg...know what I love with every fiber of my being??? Boiled cabbage. Mmmm...with butter, salt & pepper! I have an awesome recipe for a funky coleslaw made with ramen noodles that I am mad for too!! Don't anybody be hatin' on cabbabe here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...meant cabbage!

Anonymous said...

i like cabbage raw too!

Karla Rosendall said...

People tell me I'm weird because I won't eat RAW veggies. None, zip, zero, zilch! But I will eat most of them cooked. Onions and peppers the big exclusions. :-)

Love boiled cabbage with vinegar.

gardenhoe said...

I like boiled cabbage too, with butter and salt and pepper. But, it really stinks up your house.