Friday, May 8, 2009

Just bitching!!!!

This is my Mother's crap pile. This is all the crap she has left in the yard. You think that's bad? Let me tell you somthin', she had this crap ALL over and she has a huge yard. It took me eight months of cleaning and hauling to get this place tidy. She was upset at first, but, too bad. Someone had to take charge. Now her yard actually looks pretty and she's happy about it. So, what's with her bitching about this tiny pile?? No one can see it, it's behind her endless fences, so wtf? She's been bugging me to burn it and I don't have time right now. It's driving me crazy. Now she's "consulted" one of my cousins and he told her it's burnable so she had to tell me that again. If a man tells her anything she takes it as gospel, 'specially concerning the yard. That's the way she is.
If she tells me it's burnable one more time, I am going to throw a hissy from HELL. I know it is! But, the only place to burn it is my backyard and I AM GARDENING right now. GD! She has no clue what I do around here. Most of that pile is heavy too. I'm going to have a hard time moving all that shit....but, I will. But, not until I'm damn good and ready. There's several full days of work there. Why doesn't she hire someone if it's bothering her? It's HER crap, not mine. I just want to scream. I'M BUSY!
Thank you for allowing me bitch time. I wonder if that bowl is real or a reproduction? Who in Hades keeps a milk crate full of broken Flamingos??


Anonymous said...

What can i say other then i totally get where your comming from, been there done that and got the backache cuts & pissy mood in payment lol.

Disher said...

Man, I'm tellin ya. It's a constant battle.

coyote-38609 said...

Cluttering/collecting/hoarding is a sickness--I'm sure you know that. We had one in our family, too. Very hard to deal with. It's good that she has you, DD. Why not just hire a trash service to haul it away and give her the bill if she can afford it. Then you can get on with your gardening.

Boy, I'm glad I found this site.