Friday, May 8, 2009

Onions and eggplant

Onions are pretty. Which is good because Mom bought me 200 onion bulbs and I'd already planted 100 of my own. WTF? My rows are rather, umm, meandering, huu? I don't care, at least the veggies are all in the same general area. With a flower seed here and there too. It seems like Nasturtiums should be in the veggie garden. Lissa likes planting them because the seeds are fat. I'm not sure exactly where they'll come up, I just turned her loose with a few packs of them so I could get some work done. I bought Eggplant because I like it and it was called Black Beauty and might be pretty. I've never grown it before. I put cabbage here and there because I like the looks of it. I even like the way the bugs make lace of the outside leaves. It's fun to watch cabbage grow into heavy round balls.


Anonymous said...

Oh roasted or BBQ'd eggplant & onions, making my mouth water.

Can't wait to see pictures as things come up, see where Lissa's handy work springs to life!

gardenhoe said...

Me too. I just get such a thrill from it all and there's so much life out there.

Anonymous said...

I put up one picture of my garden on my blog...Something is growing but I can't tell what. Those little plastic things flew away or got washed away when it rained for weeks on end. At least something is growing!

Love your garden blog! :)

The handmade bird baths are really nice.

Karla Rosendall said...

That is funny! My old man has to have "perfect" lines to plant in. (you know, plants wont grow unless perfectly straight) :-) His heart would probably explode at the thought of willie nillie...LOL

Looks like your having fun!

dirtydisher said...

Even when I do perfect lines, I end up putting something here or there for just purdy and so it never works for me. I all grows in the end, so why bother?

Naseem..I'm checking out your garden now!