Monday, May 25, 2009

What's blooming?

Peonies in reds and pinks everywhere. The graveyard opens every Memorial Day. Mason jars of sloshing Peonies carried to graves everywhere here. In a few days the huge flowers will be too heavy for the bush and they will fall to the ground looking like crap. They smell good, but, I can take them or leave them. I think it's a city ordinance that everyone has some.
Iris' purples and yellow. I love them, they smell amazing and look like glass. They'll last a good while too and then the foliage still looks good most of the summer.
Daisies..well..they are my favorite flower, but, they are also weeds. They just take over here. I transplanted some and mowed the rest. Daisies are different, the actual petals grow. You know how some flowers bloom and the petals are one size and they just have to open? Daisies aren't like that. I've been watching them. The petals are short and then grow long. I guess that's why the blooms last so long. They last a long long time as cut flowers too.
What's blooming where you live?


Anonymous said...

In Southwestern Ontario, the perennials are just about to start blooming. Tulips and early bloomers, like lily of the valley, are out in full force. My redbud is just finished blooming and I'm already sad to see that electric purple go. Love the peonies...remind me of my grandma. Every year when I see the blooming, I say I am going to plant one, but...sigh...just another good garden intention...

misstiajournal said...

my iris' are lilacs and lilly of the valley just gone done blooming and my rhododenrums [sic?] are also blooming...other than that, nuttin' else!

Disher said...

I love Rhoddies. They don't do well here though.

misstiajournal said...

i wonder why rhoddies don't do well there...oh my clemetis is blooming too!

took the critters to get their shots today (Well poli is on batch #2 of 3) and that little porker, poli, is up to 32.3 pounds!

gardenhoe said...

poli is so cute I can't stand it. I have Clematis blooming too. It's a dark purple.